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Mouse Gaming Trust Gxt155 Gxt 155 11 Botones 4000 Dpi Pesas OPEN BOX

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de Trust con Garantia Directa en Colombia

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Descripción del Producto

Mouse Gaming TRUST GXT 155 - Nuevo - Open Box Usado para demo en un eventoo - Aprovecha a comprar este producto con 30% de descuento. RATÓN PARA JUGAR A JUEGOS DE ORDENADOR Ratón para juegos de ordenador de primera calidad, que incorpora pesos personalizables y memoria integrada para perfiles programables Especificaciones Software avanzado para programar botones y macros 5 botones adicionales para pulgar, ideales para juegos MOBA 11 botones programables en total Memoria integrada para almacenar un máximo de 5 perfiles de juego Peso ajustable, 8 pesos metálicos de 2 gramos cada uno Cable trenzado de 1,8 m DESIGN This well-designed gaming mouse has an ergonomic design with a practical placement of buttons and rough coating on the sides that ensures a solid and perfect grip during your gaming sessions. The 1.9 meter braided nylon cable glides easily on your desk and withstands heavy use. The weight is adjustable with 8 metal weights of 2 grams each. 11 PROGRAMMABLE KEYS Apart from the five programmable buttons on the thumb panel, the mouse has 6 other easily accessible buttons. This provides a significant advantage in comparison to players who only use the keyboard. While other players have to search for the correct key, you can execute pre-programmed commands without taking your eyes off the screen.